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Patrol Deputy

Position Profile Under general supervision performs law enforcement work of moderate difficulty in enforcing laws, maintaining order, protecting life and property, and investigating and assisting in the prevention of crime. More Info


The Dispatcher position is skilled emergency service work that involves receiving emergency 911 and non- emergency requests for police assistance, determining nature/urgency of calls, initiating police or other emergency personnel action and maintaining close contact with field units to monitor response and needed support requirements. The Dispatcher position requires rotating shift assignments and overtime in accordance with maintaining a fully operational 24-hour facility More Info

Detention Officer

• Communicate effectively with a varied population of offenders, including individuals from diverse ethnic, racial, cultural and economic backgrounds. This may include a wide variety of psychiatric and physical disorders.

• Provide direct supervision of offenders within the housing areas of the jail. This will include direct supervision during meal service, security checks, medication distribution, and random or scheduled housing and cell searches. They will also be responsible for the general offender behavior in areas assigned as their duty station, and directly supervise and escort offenders within the secure perimeter of the jail as assigned.

• Accurately dispense prescription medications to offenders during medication delivery, are responsible for checking the accuracy of medical orders listed on medication sheets and packets. Detention Officers will remove the correct medication dose, observe the offender taking the medication, and record the medication dose taken on the medication report sheet.

• Efficiently and accurately complete paperwork including but not limited to: Booking, medication, release records, reports; logs, requests, memos, and rosters. Furthermore, will assist in some clerical and reception work to support facility programs when clerical staff is unavailable.

• Tactfully and courteously establish and maintain effective working relationships with the following: Supervisors, co-workers, outside law enforcement agencies, other county departments or agencies, and members of the public.

• Appropriately respond to emergencies in the jail, which may include the following: Offender assaults, fires, riots, offender disturbances, explosions, natural disasters, and hostage conditions. The Detention Officer will immediately and appropriately respond to control these circumstances. This may involve the use of appropriate levels of force through physical management of combative, volatile, hostile and assaultive offenders

• Accurately operate a variety of equipment, including computers, printers, FAX and fingerprint machines, digital imaging computers, physical restraint devices, firearms, radios, fire extinguishers, intercom systems, telephones, and equipment found in the central control booth.

• Dentition Officers work a variety of rotating shifts, as well as rotation of positions, and may perform other duties as assigned or required. May additionally be required to work up to 16 hours on mandatory overtime
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